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Feedback reveals why Bligh rejected new state referendum

On 11th August 2010 the Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh, ruled out any prospect of a referendum on the formation of a new state for North Queensland. And she did so before the request was formally put to her. This metrocentric Premier, … Continue reading

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Mayors call for New North Qld State

NORTH Queensland must become a separate state now or its wealth will forever be lost to the population growth-hungry southeast corner, NQ mayors say. They will next month ask their counterparts across the state to give them vital support for … Continue reading

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The Hunter and the North, 1 or 2 States?

Some 43 years after the failed referendum on a new state for northern NSW we are still faced with the issue of whether to combine the NSW North with the Hunter Valley in one state.  There is no question that the … Continue reading

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Secessionists, Aspirants and Rebels

Welcome to This post is for songs that capture the mood of seperation, departure and anticipation of something better.  Please add your suggestions (with audio links) in the comments section below. Where are we going? Where the weather suits my … Continue reading

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