NSW Vegetation Mismanagement

A case study in metrocentric malgovernance of regional communities.

There is no better example of the way an illinformed, arrogant and callous metropolitan majority can deliver “Grande Mall” malgovernance to a disenfranchised regional community than the gratuitous planet salvation that is embodied in the New South Wales Native Vegetation Act 2003.  It is a process that started with fraudulent misrepresentation of the character, scale and intensity of tree clearing in the mid 1990s and proceeded on a long, sleazy and ecologically culpable policy and administrative decline to the point where there was no other choice but to draw the following conclusion in my submission linked below.

“the dissonance and inconsistency between the entirely laudable objects of the act, and the content of the legislation and the regulations, is of such magnitude and materiality that the very objects of the act itself constitute a gross misrepresentation of fact to both the parliament and the public.”

Those who might suspect this quote is a little long on rhetoric should reflect on the example of the regulations intended to protect and preserve Koala habitat. They actually produce a systematic and sustained degradation of koala food quality, quantity and consistency in any forest where those regulations are applied.  Those regulations have been in place since 2005 and were recently endorsed again, apparently without objection, by such representative bodies as Australian Forest Growers, Timber Communities Australia, New South Wales Farmers and the full sorry suite of squalid environmental groups like the Australian Conservation Foundation, The Total Environment Centre, and assorted Koala molesters.  With friends like these the last thing the Koalas need is enemies. And the prescriptions designed to ‘protect’ other species are just as negligent.


Do take the time to get up to speed on just how badly the city has failed the bush in the very policy millieu that they so loudly claimed the highest moral ground.  It is the kind of comprehensive policy failure that simply could not have happened in a self governing region. And it is the kind of failure that we are doomed to have repeated for as long as we continue to have no state boundary between Sydney and the bush.

Ian Mott


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