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A site for informed discussion on the strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities to be gained for regional Australians through the formation of new states within the commonwealth.

NSW Vegetation Mismanagement

A case study in metrocentric malgovernance of regional communities. There is no better example of the way an illinformed, arrogant and callous metropolitan majority can deliver “Grande Mall” malgovernance to a disenfranchised regional community than the gratuitous planet salvation that … Continue reading

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Another Poll, another new state mandate

Brisbane newspaper, The Courier Mail, (27/09/2012) ran another article on the quest by north Qld mayors for more autonomy in regional economic management. And an online poll was also conducted which shows, yet again, that support for a new … Continue reading

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Our own State – Our own Gaol

Grafton Gaol is in the news lately. And it is well worth noting that if the parts of northern NSW that voted for a new state in 1967 had got their way then Grafton Gaol would be the only gaol … Continue reading

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Barrages and Murray Mouth Mirages

There is a vigorous campaign being waged by Jennifer Marohasy and her Australian Environment Foundation to remove the barrages at Lake Alexandrina and somehow “restore” what is claimed to be the area’s inevitable destiny as a barrier estuary. As if … Continue reading

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Policing in New North Wales

One of the difficulties in promoting the concept of a new state is identifying what will change and what will remain the same. So in this article we will look at the existing numbers and structure of policing in Northern … Continue reading

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So much Murray River flow and so little to show for it.

Some time around the 10th December 2011 the 14 millionth megalitre of 2011’s Murray River flows crossed the border into South Australia.  This is on top of what was needed to fill all the upstream storages and deliver some serious … Continue reading

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Live Cattle – a crucial test of collective wit.

Australia’s response to film of what appears to be cruel practices employed in the Indonesian meat processing sector is looming as a critical test of urban Australia’s capacity to exercise a majority mandate over the regional minority.  And the core of … Continue reading

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